• Right now, the middle part of the Yin-Yang Planet was quiet since the Yin-Yang Sky Roc, the ruler of this place, had been killed and all the undead beasts had turned into dust, making this place a wasteland.

    The vast Yin-Yang Planet was divided into three parts. The northern part was black with surging Yin energy while the southern part was…[Read more]

  • At that time, a layer of misty cold qi shrouded everyone. This cold qi was moving about as if it had a life, forming a huge vortex. This however, was a divine level defense magic casted by Wushuang, Spinning Ice Wall.

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    "The archer! He is on the wall which makes him an easy target."

    "Alright! I’ll release the triple flowers!"

    "Could you have a more imposing name?"

    "Haven’t you heard of triple flowers receive the crown?"

    "Stop with your nonsenses! Poison poison poison, Who has the poison?"

    "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" …..

    Old Man Fei was surprised as the…[Read more]

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    "Music!" Richard shouted while fluttering its wings.

    Zhang Zian clicked the "play" icon, and the piano music of Dance of the Little Swans started to flow inside the shop. Chapter 398: Learning Without Thinking is Labor in Vain

    Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

    During the day, the snow slowly melted at an invisible speed;…[Read more]

  • The world is unable to stand in order without laws.

    Everything in the world was actually suffused with the traces of the laws.

    After all is said and done, the Laws were a higher level Dao Insight, and one was a true Immortal that was completely differentiated from all the living beings in the world when one grasped the Laws.

    However, no…[Read more]

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