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    "The archer! He is on the wall which makes him an easy target."

    "Alright! I’ll release the triple flowers!"

    "Could you have a more imposing name?"

    "Haven’t you heard of triple flowers receive the crown?"

    "Stop with your nonsenses! Poison poison poison, Who has the poison?"

    "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" …..

    Old Man Fei was surprised as the quantity was more than what he expected, he did not want to think any further: "make use of the mechanics to pass over."

    "He will dodge!" Someone shouted.

    Yu Xuan interrupted, "We will cover the entire wall."

    Old Man Fei glanced at him.

    Yu Xuan continued," We use hopping rabbits."

    "Hopping rabbits?" Everyone was stunned, the hopping rabbits were one of the most commonly used star spirit beasts by the blood meridian experts as test subjects. They were only rank two and were easily reproduced. The hopping rabbits were good at jumping, it also had high compatibility with the blood meridians, therefore many people reared them to be used in numerous experiments.

    "How many hopping rabbits do we have?" Yu Xuan asked.

    "I’ve 300." "200." "I’ve slightly more, about 500."

    "2,0000." Madam Huang Mu looked calmed.

    Madam Huang Mu’s reply accentuated her presence and drew everyone’s attention.

    Madam Huang Mu spoke calmly," It was supposed to be used in a large-scale experiment."

    Yu Xuan promptly replied," Let’s tie the poisonous bubbles to some of the hopping rabbits and mix it with the rest of the hopping rabbits. There are two gates at the wall, we will release the hopping rabbits concurrently at the two gates."

    "You are so treacherous!" the skinny old man exclaimed, suddenly he laughed," But I like it."

    "This method is so scheming!"

    "I’ll tie the poisonous bubbles!"

    "Me too!"

    Yu Xuan was overwhelmed by the compliments. He told the skinny old man," All this poison is not enough to kill him, only the Gold Ranked Poisons are able to kill the Gold Ranked Martial Artists. But it will affect him and he might jump off the wall. Get the triple flowers to ambush him at the base of the wall, once he falls, you can attack immediately and your triple flowers will now truly be able to receive the crown."

    "Tsk tsk, you this fellow, I think even your heart is black." the skinny old man scanned Yu Xuan from head to toe then he left to set up the ambush.

    Everyone was busy preparing and they were highly efficient.

    "Release the rabbits!" Old Man Fei shouted.

    Qiu Yi stood on the wall, he was surprised by what Tang Tian had done and wasn’t planning to move. It would be terrible if the archer gets attacked.

    It made him felt safer as he stood on the wall. The walls of the bronze camp were very tall, they were roughly 50m tall, forming a square shape, 5 people could walk side by side on the wall easily. With his excellent flying skills, he could move off immediately when he sensed danger.

    Suddenly he heard an old man’s scream.

    "Release the rabbits!"

    What was that?

    Qiu Yi was confused, he looked in the direction of the scream and stunned. There were thousands of rabbits rushing in like incoming waves frantically approaching him.

    What was happening…..

    All of a sudden, he heard rushing footsteps from the back, he turned immediately and was dismayed.

    There was a sea of rabbits behind him as well.

    Thoughts He hastily took up his bow, shot like crazy, but the red ray arrows diminished in the sea of rabbits like rain drops. The archery skill which he specialized in was [Streamlined Straight Arrows], its might was formidable as it was a unique martial technique. It was widely known for its penetrative power which was able to destroy anything, but it could not perform large-scale explosions.

    During normal days, it was not a weakness. But in his current situation, it had became a huge disadvantage.

    Light arrows were shooting from his hands and falling like rain drops.

    But there were too many rabbits to the extent that they were significantly closer to him every second despite his powerful arrows. Are You An Assassin He had no choice but to fly up to the sky to escape from this. He saw the densely packed rabbits below him and began to wonder what were they used for?

    Suddenly, he felt congested in the chest and his expression changed dramatically.


    He soon realized what the rabbits were for, colourful poisonous fog bursted and enveloped the entire city, it seemed extraordinarily terrifying.

    His facial expression changed completely.

    How much poison did the rabbits carry…..

    He had heard of various ways of poisoning people but he never knew there was such a method!

    Damn it!

    What exactly was this place!

    Qiu Yi regretted taking up this job offer, who was the one which told him that it was a small town with no Gold Ranked Martial Artists? He desperately wanted to leave, then he thought of the ridiculously large sum of compensation he had to pay for breach of contract, he had to bite the bullet and fly back inside the town.

    Fortunately the poisonous fog he inhaled wasn’t Gold Ranked Poison, his True Power was doing its best to cure himself of the poison.

    The powerful vitality of the Gold Ranked Martial Artists was clearly reflected, upon landing, he felt relieved with his chest congestion.

    He could cure all the remaining poison in his body within 2 minutes.

    The skinny old man kept slapping his forehead in the secret place, his face filled with upsetness," Damn it! This location for the ambush was wrong!"

    "I knew that you weren’t trustworthy!"

    "Since when was he?"


    A group of old men and women pointed to the skinny old man and scolded, skinny old man’s face flushed, he couldn’t bear to watch Qiu Yi suffer from the poison, suddenly thought of something, pointed to Qiu Yi’s direction and shouted," What is that?"

    Everybody turned uniformly with a shocked face.

    A tiny black shadow sprinted towards Qiu Yi.

    Ya Ya sneaked out, it was afraid of being caught by Tang Tian, so he aimed at Qiu Yi who was on the wall. It was troubled with Qiu Yi being too far away, but he flew back closer unexpectedly.

    Ya Ya felt excited all of a sudden.

    Bud spirit general’s first meaningful fight!

    An opportunity presents itself!

    Ya Ya wailed as it urgently attacked Qiu Yi even before he had landed.

    Qiu Yi felt something small approaching, he thought it was a rabbit falling down the wall so he casually swung his hand to get rid of it.

    When his hand was an inch away from the object, he felt something was fishy.

    Ya Ya jumped with full force and took a deep breath while it was in the air, its pinkish tender cheeks bloated like a balloon, it forced open its little eyes while clenching its fist tight!

    The light around its fist disappeared as if it was swallowed by the fist, it seemed like its fist was surrounded by darkness.

    Ya Ya spent countless days and nights alone at the plateau, suffered loneliness and dullness but successfully achieved Swallowing Light Steel Fist after practicing hard! Throbbing from the bottom of its soul, the bud spirit general was developed from the ancient battlefield of killing, it was also determined to fight, as battles were its birthplace!

    Ya Ya’s expression also changed at this moment.

    Swallowing! Light! Steel Fist!

    Qiu Yi wanted to dodge but Ya Ya’s fist was much faster than he expected, so he had to withstand the attack with his True Power!


    A sharp pain coming from the wrist got Qiu Yi solidified, his wrist broke…..

    He tried to have a closer look at that shadow in front of him.

    There was a tiny little body stretching in the air, but its face was sharp and stern, brave like the warrior in the ancient times and charged forward fearlessly.

    Ha, I am the bud spirit general!

    Chapter 412 – The Bud Spirit General and the Sea of Rabbits Chapter 24: Abnormality

    An extra effort to snuffle out an unexpected deviation. This time, the uruk-hais bounded 3 strands of black vines, tying them securely. Then they carried them to return.

    The uruk-hai leader had a sullen expression, advancing hastily in huge strides. It was obvious, this mysterious valley hosted a grave hidden threat, this threat had occupied this region for a long time. Even this formidable uruk-hai leader was rendered helpless and carried a severe apprehension, fear feeding his anxiousness.

    Before they got caught, they had already penetrated several miles into the pine forest. Although the uruk-hais were physically strong, their speed swiftly declined after carrying the human load while running. When they finally reached the edge of the forest, the 2 uruk-hais were already out of breath; their sweat like a heavy downpour. Their sickening body odour pierced into Sheyan’s nose.

    But at this very moment, the uruk-hai leader released a howl; a howl filled with fear and panic! The impression of this uruk-hai was that of utter arrogance, unwilling to submit even against death. But yet right now, he was actually howling with horror!

    Simultaneously, Sheyan’s head turned heavy as he fainted into a semi-conscious state, no longer aware of what was happening around him.

    Within his hazy consciousness, Sheyan was back at Siqiao town. Yet he was a stranger here, everyone around him were the ruthless henchmen of Huashan Fei. He begun slaughtering his way through, seeking any familiar face. Yet his strength vanished without a trace.

    During the searching process, Sheyan could feel his heart turning increasingly restless, increasingly unbearable. He became terribly thirsty, finally managing to find a glass of water to drink, but shockingly the water combusted into fiery flames! Suddenly, a venomous snake coiled around his neck, choking him mercilessly!

    Sheyan clutched the snake with both hands, trying his best to pull it off. Yet his hands couldn’t be raised! His throat coughed out choking sounds. It seemed like this venomous snake was toying with him, constantly threatening to sink its fangs in but retracting it instead! But just when Sheyan convinced himself the snake wouldn’t bite him, the maroon venomous snake stretched open its mouth, chomping down onto him!!!

    In his shock, Sheyan instantly screamed as his eyes slammed open.

    The pitch-black sky entered his vision, along with twinkling stars.

    A boundless starry night.

    No moon.

    "No a single trace of blood nor fire, where did the shabby Siqiao town go?"

    "Oh it was all a dream, or a mind-blowing hallucination. How real it felt!"

    Sheyan struggled, realizing the ropes were still as sturdy as before. Suddenly, a wave of frenzied delight overwhelmed him – "This daddy here is not blind!"

    Though his vision was still blurry, the difference felt like heaven and earth compared to that eternal darkness. After regaining his composure, he finally felt the freezing rigidity of his body. HIs cracked lips coughed out a dried filth.

    Sheyan swung his head, struggling as he twitched his body, wrestling against the damned rope vines.

    Nearby, the cringing face of the uruk-hai leader had turned stiff. This demonic fella had a queer smile as he laid horizontally on the snow, rigidly dead. His twin hands clutched tightly over his throat, 5 thick fingers lodged deeply into the flesh; his body in shambles, his complexion ghastly purple. It seemed like he had strangled himself to death! Though he had died, his enormous frame still released a threatening aura.

    A traumatic fear lingered into Sheyan’s heart.

    "If i wasn’t tied up, I would’ve been choked to death by that venomous snake in my dreams; or rather choked to death by myself!"

    After a long while, a violent coughing drifted in from the side. Reef had awoken, beside him laid two uruk-hai corpse. The two uruk-hais had died in each other’s arms. No they didn’t die from excessive ejaculation, but rather it seemed like they had recently put up a desperate struggle against each other, but ultimately perishing together.

    The two glanced at each other speechlessly, yet an elation surged within them. They were terribly baffled, no clue as to what had happened. But no matter what, surviving was an unexpected bliss.